Wednesday, December 1, 2010

small, sappy moment

In this small, sappy moment, I would like to say how very blessed and happy I am to be engaged to this sweet, supportive, hilarious, goofy, loving, handsome man.

(Z, don't kill me for posting this!)

A year ago today, he asked me to marry him in a sweet song he had written just for me. A Star Wars tie fighter also made an appearance, holding my oh-so-perfect-for-me ring inside. It was geeky (in the best way) and full of happy tears.

Now, I'm counting down the days ( 3.5 months!) until I can call him my "husband" and it actually be for real!!!

Z, you make me happier than I ever thought possible! I love, love, love you!! I'm so excited for the life we have ahead of us, and I can't wait to experience every up and down with you by my side.

OK, sappy moment over!

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At Wednesday, December 01, 2010 , Blogger Chelsea said...

My heart just exploded from reading this. So sweet & lovely! So happy for deserve the best! Your beau seems like a real gentleman! :)

At Wednesday, December 01, 2010 , Blogger modest typewriter vintage said...

Chelsea, you are the nicest girl I've ever not met (in real life)!! Thank you so much for the sweet compliment... it made me smile from ear to ear :)

At Monday, January 24, 2011 , Blogger Melanie said...

It certainly was a great year!
The Star Wars engagement made me smile. Everyone in my family are huge Star Wars fans, and when my brother proposed to his now wife he did it at the opening of Attack of the Clones. And, they walked into their wedding reception to Darth Vader's theme!


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