Monday, January 10, 2011

5 things

1. Today, I decided to walk to campus from my house. Last night when I was conjuring up this magnificent idea, I thought it wouldn't be that awful, as I have frequently biked the trip and it's been just dandy. However, walking is different. Walking is long, and hard, and tiring, and cold. And when it's windy, it's even harder. I will not be making the mistake of making the long trek in the freezing cold to class again, so now I have to figure out some other way of transportation (And no biking. Biking in snow = terrifying to me.) I'm writing this down here so I don't make this silly mistake again (because I know I'll wake up in the morning and consider it).

2. Here are some ladies that have been inspiring my dressing lately:

*This little outfit is the perfect combination of laid-back dressy dressing (I just made that up). Sometimes dresses can look too contrived, but not this look... it's relaxed yet pulled together, and reminds me that I need to wear my pretty dresses hanging in my closet.

*Sometimes just a pair of jeans and a cardi are the perfect ensemble. Plus, Kate Miss is just the coolest.

*I've yet to master the whole printed T with a skirt thing, but this girl has it down.

3. I've heard of John Januzzi all over the internet, but I never knew what exactly he was so famous for... now I'm glad I do, because I love this concept (it's definitely the romantic in me).

4. Being sick sucks. Z and I have both had a combo of the stomach flu/ head cold for about a week and half, and although our noses are still running like mad (we went through 2 boxes of Kleenexes just this weekend alone), I think we are finally at the end of our illnesses. I'm soooo happy because I honestly haven't felt like myself for a whole week and a half, and that is NO FUN, let me tell you!

5. Our wedding is a little over 2 months away. Freak out time!



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