Monday, August 9, 2010

etsy update: my favorites

I recently did a small Etsy update, and these are a few that I've deemed my favorites!

This silver necklace reminds me of a genie or a belly dancer for some reason... I'm not sure why, but it may be the shape and the way that the hinges make the pendant move.

Those shoes were actually a find from my grandmother's closet... they were never worn and she still had the receipt from when she purchased them! I love vintage with a story.

I really enjoy this knotted fabric belt... I've worn it a few times and it really adds some pizazz to an otherwise simple outfit.

Head over to the shop and check out the other new things I've added. I'm trying to get into the groove where I can do two large updates a week, so expect one soon!

In other news, I hope everyone is staying cool in this ridiculously hot weather. I, for one, am headed to the library to keep cool. Ta-ta for now!

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