Tuesday, July 27, 2010

splish splash

So I've never done this before, but I have a swimsuit up for sale in my shop. At first, I thought it might be weird to do... believe me, I have no other shame when it comes to thrifting (I would most likely pick something out of the trash if I thought it was cute enough), but buying a swimsuit and trying to sell it always seemed like a tough deal to me. Kind of like trying to sell underwear. Not so pretty.

But then, whilst browsing my favorite hole-in-the wall thrift store last week, I happened upon the swimsuit rack, and among all the 80s shiny, color block suits, I came across this gem. She's gorgeous! It's the perfect retro suit, with the scoop neck and the bottom that sort of looks like a skirt, but isn't a skirt (what do you call that thing?). She's just lovely.

I tried it on and it fits perfect everywhere EXCEPT the boobs... it was hard to make the decision, but instead of letting it sit in my drawer, never worn, I want someone else to enjoy it. I know summer is in the middle of it, but I think someone might find this little baby and want her for their own.

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