Thursday, July 22, 2010

plans, plans, plans

To keep this blog fun and creative, I would like to introduce a fun and creative post idea!

Most days, I will be showing shop updates and posting special sales, but on Fridays and Wednesdays I've decided to do something special. (you know, for all my followers out there...)

Wednesdays: "vintage picks"

In "vintage picks" I will show you a few of my favorite vintage picks hanging out in Etsy land... there are so many great vintage Etsy shops out there, and I want so many of their wares (being a vintage addict is a tough way to live!).

Fridays: "this with that"

"this with that" will involve taking one vintage item from my shop and making it into an outfit by pairing it with other new or vintage items. I think something like this is important, because it seems that many people feel they can't incorporate vintage items into their everyday wardrobes, when everyone absolutely can!!

In doing this, I will try to keep any and all items at a minimum of $75, because even though I love clothing and accessories of all price ranges, I personally live on a tight budget, and I know it is possible to have a fun wardrobe at realistic prices!

Keep checking back on Wednesdays and Fridays, and be sure to watch for the very first "this with that" post tomorrow!

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