Thursday, July 29, 2010


I lied. To all two of my followers, but one of them is my fiance, so he doesn't count (sorry Z).

I had planned on Wednesdays to be some sort of special post (I don't even remember what I named it now) but I didn't really feel like doing it... sooo I present to you these pretty street style photos.
I liked them because they all feature layering (my favorite sort of styling) and I've missed my dear layering, what with this horrible, awful, no good, very bad heat.
First image: Urban Weeds
Second and third images: Beyond Boston Chic

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

etsy update: little bit of everything

I just updated the shop yesterday with some fun new items, and I'm planning on making another large update before the week is over! Here are few of my faves.

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splish splash

So I've never done this before, but I have a swimsuit up for sale in my shop. At first, I thought it might be weird to do... believe me, I have no other shame when it comes to thrifting (I would most likely pick something out of the trash if I thought it was cute enough), but buying a swimsuit and trying to sell it always seemed like a tough deal to me. Kind of like trying to sell underwear. Not so pretty.

But then, whilst browsing my favorite hole-in-the wall thrift store last week, I happened upon the swimsuit rack, and among all the 80s shiny, color block suits, I came across this gem. She's gorgeous! It's the perfect retro suit, with the scoop neck and the bottom that sort of looks like a skirt, but isn't a skirt (what do you call that thing?). She's just lovely.

I tried it on and it fits perfect everywhere EXCEPT the boobs... it was hard to make the decision, but instead of letting it sit in my drawer, never worn, I want someone else to enjoy it. I know summer is in the middle of it, but I think someone might find this little baby and want her for their own.

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Friday, July 23, 2010

shop sale: christmas in july

Do your early Christmas shopping at the shop now through July 29th! Buy any two items in the shop and receive free shipping... just contact via Etsy before purchasing with the code "christmasinjuly" and I will adjust prices accordingly. I will then send you a message letting you know that things are in order and purchases can be made!

This is the time to grab all those cute vintage items you've been coveting alllll summer long! Also, this will give me some room to add more delicious vintage goodies... so get to looking!
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this with that: keep it casual

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For the very first "this with that" feature, I chose the ever so lovely Hippy Chic Crochet Tank. In order to keep it casual (you know, for a day at the library perusing the bookshelves) I picked out a pair of polka dot shorts and gray strappy sandals, which go nicely with the cream color of the tank. The dainty gold earrings pair nicely with the braided fabric headband without overpowering one another. The slouchy khaki color tote is the perfect complement to the rest of the outfit. It's roomy and would be perfect for throwing all your library books into... I want to buy one for myself!

nagy in khaki tote- Bayan Hippo Handmade
spotted and noted shorts- Modcloth
lily putian earrings- Modcloth
Miss Me sandals- Lulus
abigayle braided fabric headband- modest typewriter vintage

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

plans, plans, plans

To keep this blog fun and creative, I would like to introduce a fun and creative post idea!

Most days, I will be showing shop updates and posting special sales, but on Fridays and Wednesdays I've decided to do something special. (you know, for all my followers out there...)

Wednesdays: "vintage picks"

In "vintage picks" I will show you a few of my favorite vintage picks hanging out in Etsy land... there are so many great vintage Etsy shops out there, and I want so many of their wares (being a vintage addict is a tough way to live!).

Fridays: "this with that"

"this with that" will involve taking one vintage item from my shop and making it into an outfit by pairing it with other new or vintage items. I think something like this is important, because it seems that many people feel they can't incorporate vintage items into their everyday wardrobes, when everyone absolutely can!!

In doing this, I will try to keep any and all items at a minimum of $75, because even though I love clothing and accessories of all price ranges, I personally live on a tight budget, and I know it is possible to have a fun wardrobe at realistic prices!

Keep checking back on Wednesdays and Fridays, and be sure to watch for the very first "this with that" post tomorrow!

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sign up!

Sign up for the ::modest typewriter vintage:: mailing list to receive the very first news about all shop updates and deals! Shoot me an e-mail at: and I will add you!

**If you would like to be removed from the list at any time, just let me know and it will be taken care of!

shop update: hot hot heat

I don't know about you, but we are having a serious heat wave in Indiana... and it doesn't seem to be letting up anytime soon. If I could go naked, I would... but since it's illegal and I'm a wimpy little thing that wouldn't make it 2 minutes in lockdown, I'll settle for dressing in items like these... lightweight and flowy.

Who doesn't need a cute romper?! These are perfect for warm hazy days, and this particular one has adorable scallop details.

I love this unique wrap skirt... I found it at a local thrift store and I can just picture it being paired with some strappy brown sandals and plain gray tank, perfect for a warm day in this insistent Indiana heat!

Check the shop for these great items and many more!

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shop talk


My name is Katie and I am the owner of the Etsy shop, ::modest typewriter vintage::. The store consists of fun vintage clothing items, with everything from dresses to shoes. This is where I will be posting sales and shop updates, as well as special shop announcements. Once in awhile, I may throw in some things that inspire me too, so keep checking back! Also, bear with me as I work out the kinks and figure out my way around the blogging world!

Thank you for visiting, and hope to see you soon!

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