Wednesday, August 10, 2011


This past week, I've been seriously longing for the Fall. It's not that I don't like summer, it's just that sometimes the heat can get to a girl! I was made for cooler temps- my wardrobe even says so- I'm all about layering. How in the world does a lady look cute in this weather, when it's uncomfortable to have even one layer of clothing on??! I miss my scarves, my boots, my hats, my cardigans- I yearn for them! 

Anyways, these pictures are from a few weekends ago, when Z and I went boating with our fam. I did really enjoy summer on this day, because I got to relax, swim, eat junk food and not feel bad about it, and get a slight tan. When it's the middle of December and I'm cursing the cold, I'll look at these pictures and long for the heat. 

 Contrary to what this picture portrays, we do have on clothes. Promise. 

 My too-cool-for-school nephew, in all his life jacket-ed glory. 

Abby and uncle Z- so tired, but she just can't let go of that mini tube of toothpaste. 


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