Wednesday, June 8, 2011

how to wear it

Here's the thing: I'm addicted to Pinterest. I recently figured out how to "pin" images from other websites, and boy, have I been pinnin' like crazy. I pin and repin outfits, shoes, cakes, bikes, diy projects I want to do but probably will never do ... like I said, pinnin' crazy.

Anywho, I got this crazy idea today that I could try and recreate some of the outfits I've pinned with vintage items that I have for purchase in the shop. When I found this picture, I loved it. I love the simplicity of the white tee and worn in jeans. What is better than a t-shirt and jeans? Nothing, I say.

I'm currently on the fence about how I feel for Kirsten Dunst, but dang, girl can dress. I thought to myself, those jeans look exactly like the ones I just added to the shop. Right? Right! So then I thought, let's try to recreate this... it looks simple enough...

My version is a little different. I chose a cream cropped tank rather than a white t-shirt. I also rolled the jeans, as they are a bit long on me. I nixed the purse and Starbucks, and instead added a simple, locket necklace. To top it off, I had to put a scarf in my hair, as it's a grown out mess at the moment, and looks pretty crazy without anything holding it down. I also plucked a pair of brown strappy wedges from the shop pile, which slightly resemble Kirsten's shoes.

The look:
high waisted Calvin Klein jeans- thrifted, and in the shop
cream cropped tank- thrifted
strappy brown wedges- thrifted, and in the shop
necklace- hand me down from g-ma
scarf- thrifted
sunglasses- thrifted
braided belt ( you can't see it, but it's there)- thrifted

The verdict, in list form:

1. I like this outfit better on Kirsten. My body is already a bit too curvy for such a high waisted style of jean, so this is probably not something I'd wear myself. However, I still really like the look, and I'm sure that one of my stylish customers could rock the jeans like nobody's business.
2. For a remix of my own version, I would most likely pair the top with a high waisted, swingy black skirt and gladiators.
3. How do you lady bloggers do it? Taking my own picture was very awkward. I had no idea whether to smile, hold my arms in the air, or stare blankly at the ground.
4. All in all, this was fun, and I plan on doing it again! And this is a really long post! Whew!


At Thursday, June 09, 2011 , Blogger Audrey said...

I like your outfit better as well. Cute idea too to recreate a look you love. Well done.

At Friday, June 10, 2011 , Blogger modest typewriter vintage said...

Thanks, Audrey! Those "mom" jeans sure are hard to pull off... I wonder to myself how some ladies can make them look so chic? Have a great weekend!


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